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Preferred Employer Partnership Program

Preferred Partners are organizations that have a committed and mutually beneficial relationship with Affinity Plus.

Our Preferred Partners have similar philosophies to Affinity Plus and interact with the world in a way that demonstrates their care and desire to make a difference. Through this relationship, the employees, volunteers and members at each of our Preferred Partners is eligible for membership at Affinity Plus at absolutely no cost.

Benefits of being a Preferred Partner:

  • Membership eligibility – Employees, volunteers and/or members of the Preferred Partner are eligible for membership at Affinity Plus.
  • Advocacy for the organization – We think of our Preferred Partners first if there's an opportunity for collaboration with other businesses, organizations, or people. 
  • Connections – We know people and we're happy to make the connection.
  • Support for employees – Customized to the needs of the employees, we offer financial seminars, one-on-one consultations, and workshops to improve financial well-being. 
  • "Happy employees – happy company!" We believe that through our relationship, the employees of our Preferred Partners experience reduced financial stress and as a result are naturally more productive in their work environment.
  • Beyond the basics of banking, we offer additional support and education surrounding topics such as retirement planning, estate planning, and life insurance.

If you and your organization are interested in becoming a Preferred Partner of Affinity Plus or would like more information, please ​contact us.

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