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Spotlight: Juut Salonspa

January 28, 2014

Years ago, David and Charlie Wagner, owners of Juut Salonspa, set out to make the world a better place through principles of beauty, wellness, and lifelong learning. They launched the Daymaker Project and defined a salon experience that ensured their clients left feeling better than when they came in. This shared commitment to service made a preferred partnership with Juut a natural fit for Affinity Plus. It also got me interested in experiencing Juut firsthand. Based on my experience, here’s just a taste of what you can expect of your Juut transformation:  Read More...

There is time to apply for scholarship money

January 27, 2014

Whether you’re starting school in the fall, or are returning after a few years off, there is still time to apply for scholarship money. As an Affinity Plus member, you have two scholarship opportunities available – but act fast because the deadlines are right around the corner.


2014 Polar Bear Plunge - Will you take the challenge?

2014 Polar Bear Plunge - Will you take the challenge?

January 22, 2014

Hold on! Let’s address the big frozen elephant in the room. There are people jumping into lakes all across Minnesota when the water is literally FREEZING. That just doesn’t seem right, does it?  Read More...

Post-Holiday Budgeting Tips

January 16, 2014

The holidays have come and gone and now you’re here! It’s 2014 and you’re either feeling good about your holiday spending, or you’re in a frantic sweat about what you could do differently the next time around.  Read More...

How many ethical businesses can you name?

January 09, 2014

Now, let me ask you this question, who (which organizations or businesses) would you like to see as recipients of publicity? Who are the bright stars in our current, local atmosphere? What business do you frequent simply because of the way they operate, like humans - with ethics and heart? It’s time for a change and like most change, it starts with action.  Read More...

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