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Spotlight: Special Olympics Minnesota

Spotlight: Special Olympics Minnesota

December 27, 2013

Special Olympics Minnesota has been one of Affinity Plus’ Preferred Partners and Charities of Choice since 2002 because of their commitment to improving the lives of people in our state with intellectual disabilities. Through various programs, competitions and initiatives, Special Olympics helps athletes develop skills they can use on and off the field, court, pool, etc…to make a positive impact in their communities.  Read More...

No More Reminder Calls from Dad! Remote Deposit Capture is Here.

December 10, 2013

Do you have a holiday check just laying around? Have you received the call, “Did you cash the check?” Now, avoid the call altogether with “Remote Deposit Capture” through Affinity Plus’s mobile app.  Read More...

Encouraging Giving: The Role of Businesses

December 04, 2013

While we know one person can make a difference, we have all seen the extraordinary impact produced when people come together in support of a common cause. Oftentimes the responsibility to give back is placed in the hands of individual consumers. In actuality, cultivating this cooperative spirit needs to extend beyond individuals into the hands of an organization. Businesses within our community already have a captive audience in their employees and their customers, and they tend to have more resources to share across a community. With so much at their disposal, we can look to them for help driving this spirit.  Read More...

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