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Checking Out Kindness in 10 Items or Less

Checking Out Kindness in 10 Items or Less

September 24, 2014

With our second Plus It Forward Day right around the corner, it may be causing me to be nostalgic and recall one of my own personal favorite Plus It Forward moments that took place last year.  Read More...

Plus It Forward: Clipping for Kindness

September 23, 2014

A couple of weekends ago, I was playing host to what I like to call “Auntie Jo Camp” for my nearly three year-old niece, Mackenzie. We spent the weekend watching Frozen, playing on her swing set, making frequent trips to the park and eating peanut butter sandwiches.  Read More...

Staying In Love: A Wedding Planning Experience

September 11, 2014

In the search for valuable insight about weddings, my fiancé and I have found a plethora of resources. Advice columns, blog sites, even entire magazines are packed with everything from planning and the “hottest trends” to what we “need” on our special day and staying within a budget. But, is that what this is all about?