Tips to Manage Your Finances in Celebration of Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! The first Earth Day, was held in 1970 in the United States. Did you know that Earth Day is considered the world’s largest environmental movement? There are many ways you can go green, whether that means planting a tree, recycling products, or reusing what you already have for a new purpose. Looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint and take small steps to manage your finances? Here are the top 5 tips on how to do just that:  

  1. Online Banking:  Get ready to eliminate extra trips to the credit union or post office, by setting up online banking! You’ll be able to manage your statements, accounts, and bills right you’re your desktop or mobile device.
  2. Alerts – Get rid of all of those random pieces of paper lying around the house, and set up alerts to notify you of your account activity.
  3. Statements – Sign up for digital statements, and retrieve a PDF of your statement as you need it. No more paper, no more filing and no more shredding.
  4. Bill Pay – It’s easy! Avoid trips to the mail box, or postage, and pay your bills online right from your account.
  5. Mobile Banking: Manage your accounts with the swipe of your finger using the Affinity Plus mobile app for your Android or Apple devices. Log in quickly, securely message an advisor, get push notifications, see your account balance and more. You can also deposit checks right from your phone and avoid extra trips to the branch, and save a tree by using less paper.


How are you championing the use of online services on Earth Day?