Building a new savings habit is easy when you don’t have to pay attention

“Savings is an imperative – an absolute must,” said Abby G. 

She learned from her parents at an early age the importance of saving. She said she tries to have three months’ worth of expenses saved up, but – like so many others – she acknowledges, “It’s hard!”

So when she read in the Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union newsletter about some of the savings options offered at the credit union, she was intrigued. Abby, a 21-year member from Moorhead, went in and talked to the Member Advisors to learn more.  

Understanding the many barriers that exist when it comes to developing positive savings habits, Affinity Plus designed two programs – Stash Your Cash and WINcentive® Savings – that make savings easy and automatic. 

“When I heard about them, I wanted to give it a try,” Abby said. “And the incentive helps.” 

  • Stash Your Cash offers a simple method for saving that is available to any member with a checking account. Every time a member makes a purchase using their Affinity Plus debit card, the amount is rounded up to the nearest dollar and the excess change is transferred to the savings account of their choice. Abby said she likes the mechanism behind Stash Your Cash – “It’s the same concept as putting your change in a jar at the end of the day,” she said. Abby chooses to use her stashed cash as spending money for travel.
  • WINcentive Savings is a program that provides participants with a chance to win money by practicing regular savings habits (also referred to as prize-linked savings). Members earn an entry into a cash prize drawing for every $25 saved. “The way I look at it, the more times you deposit, the greater your chances of winning in the drawing,” Abby said. 


Since enrolling in the Stash Your Cash and WINcentive Savings programs, Abby has saved more than $1,850 – and she was also one of the lucky $500 WINcentive Savings winners last year. In total, 313 Affinity Plus members received $64,800 in prize money through WINcentive Savings in 2017 alone.  

With the automatic transfers available through both of these programs, Abby is proof that saving can be an easy habit to build in 2018. “I don’t have to think about it – I don’t even pay attention,” Abby said. “A small amount every few weeks really adds up.”