A Big Payoff at Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union Bemidji Branch

There was an abundance of confetti, infectious smiles, and a major milestone reached for one Bemidji couple. Not to mention, it was a payoff to remember.

Joel Ward, a member of the Bemidji Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union branch, recently paid off his mortgage.

Ward and his wife, Lin, signed for the purchase of their home with State Capital Credit Union more than 31 years ago. At that time, the couple had a balance of $80,000+ to pay off and were down to the remaining balance of $4,000+. On July 3, Ward called Member Advisor Michelle Young at the Bemidji branch to set up an appointment to come in and payoff his first mortgage on July 5th.

Why July 5th?

As Ward puts it, “it would be a cosmic day,” as 31 years ago, on July 5th, Ward and his wife signed for the purchase of their home with State Capital Credit Union. It was a day to remember!  

In 2016, Ward says he made the decision that he wanted to get the mortgage paid off and didn’t want to use up savings to accomplish the goal. He says both he and his wife did enjoy themselves by traveling, but still focused on the goal of paying off the balance in 3.5 years.

And, they did it! Here comes the celebration! Ward says he’s appreciative of the thoughtfulness and generosity of Affinity Plus for planning a wonderful celebration.

“Affinity Plus has been very good to us, and I have been a member since 1975,” said Ward. “On my payoff day, we were played a congratulations video from Dave Larson, fired confetti all over the office and even got a gift card to a local pub. It was so much fun! Thank you everyone at Affinity Plus, my friends.”

“I was so excited to celebrate with Joel and Lin on their mortgage payoff,” said Young. “I know how dedicated Joel had been in getting the mortgage paid off over the last few years. It was fun to see and be a part of them accomplishing this goal they had set.”  

To learn more about mortgages, please visit our website: www.affinityplus.org