Member Moments: How MyPlus Rewards Helped Fund My European Adventure

Oceanside trails, rich history and delectable cuisine: Europe’s best adventures are just a plane ticket away. That dream became a reality for Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union member, Jake Geyen, of St. Paul. Geyen has been a credit union member since 2008. Dreaming of wanderlust and escaping the States for a long-awaited European adventure, Geyen knew that he wanted to head overseas with both of his parents and his fiancé, Emily.

Geyen used MyPlus Rewards points to pay for the airplane tickets. He says that it helped allow him to go on the trip sooner versus having to save all of the money.

The adventure started earlier this summer, with the group flying into Amsterdam. They then trekked south to the bottom top of Switzerland, in a little town called Locarno. Geyen says that the town was one of his absolute favorites, as it’s a beautiful little lakeside town, rich with cultural and architectural influence from Italy. The group stayed in the area for a few nights at an amazing hotel, Giardino Lago. Geyen says one of the major highlights was their morning routine, which consisted of utilizing the bikes from the hotel to make the 5-minute lakeshore trek into town for coffee and breakfast. The group says they love adventure, and also took a half-day trip over to the Lavertezzo region for some hiking and swimming.

“The river water there is some of the purest, brightest blue-green mountain water we’ve ever seen,” said Geyen.

The trip doesn’t end there! Following Locarno, Switzerland, the group made their way to Venice, the capital of northern Italy’s Veneto region. Did you know that the area has no roads, just canals? Geyen says they spent two nights in Venice and that they definitely enjoyed themselves with tasty food, drinks and history.

After enjoying a few days in Venice, the group flew to Budapest, which Geyen says was another favorite European stop. He says the area had a unique variety of food to eat, things to do and places to see and explore.

From Budapest, the group headed to Prague. Geyen says they experienced one of the best tours, which was through The New York Times Journeys called “Story of Prague: Remarkable Sights & Food.” From delicious foods and pure entertainment, he says it surpassed all of their expectations.

From Prague, to an adventure in Amsterdam, to another adventure in Barcelona, the trip slowly winded down. Geyen says he spent a couple nights camping on the beach of Costa Brava, which is just north of Barcelona. He says he definitely recommends taking a long hike along the coast.

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