What it's Like Being an Intern at Affinity Plus

If you get a chance to be an intern at Affinity Plus, you really lucked out! During my senior year at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, I realized I wanted more experience before starting my career. That’s when I found out about an internship opportunity at Affinity Plus.

I had heard great things about them as a credit union, as an employer and the company’s culture. And as the Social Media and Marketing Intern for this summer I could not have had a better experience. Affinity Plus treats interns like full-time employees. Your opinion and the work that you do is valued, and you get paid. Here are highlights from my time at Affinity Plus.

Affinity Plus interns are given a mentor to work directly with us each day and help us grow our skills. This was an especially beneficial aspect of the internship because you always had someone there to help teach and lead you in the right direction. My mentor was absolutely amazing – kind, helpful and motivating. She started me off with a few responsibilities and slowly gave me more tasks and freedoms as I grew my skills.

I also got to work closely with the rest of the marketing team, collaborating on projects and hearing feedback on my work. The team included me in important meetings and conversations, which helped expose me to the thought processes behind each promotion or partnership. These experiences made me feel important and respected as an intern.

New Skills
I was given projects and real responsibilities to help grow my skills. During my internship, my main focus was social media, and I did everything from gathering content, creating social media calendars and content, scheduling posts, and reporting on the analytics. I also got to write blogs, go to events, create a marketing plan, and even meet the CEO. I learned so much during my internship that has helped prepare me for my future. The most important thing though was brand consistency. From confirming each post on social media aligned with our values, down to finding the correct shade of purple, making sure that it matched our brand really mattered.

Fellow Interns
During my time at Affinity Plus, there were also other interns. We meet every other week to talk about our internships and check in on each other. It gave us a sense of community and an opportunity to learn from our peers.

Each of them expressed their gratitude and positive experience as an intern at Affinity Plus. Check out what they had to say in this video: Why Intern at Affinity Plus.

Overall, this internship experience could not have been better. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to work alongside such amazing individuals and at a company as great as Affinity Plus. I’m leaving this internship with new skills, knowledge, and a great experience. If you get the chance, apply for an Affinity Plus internship. I highly recommend it!


About the blogger
Hi there! My name is Hannah Alitz. I just graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse with a marketing degree in May. Currently, I am the Social Media and Marketing Intern at Affinity Plus. I grew up in the small town in Minnesota, called Lake City. Some of my favorite things are traveling around the world, being outdoors, and spending time with my family.