Your Dream Home Is Waiting

Finding Your Dream Home

Home means something different to all of us, but we usually tend to agree on one basic idea: It’s where we build the foundations of our lives.

When considering your dream home, you’ve also probably thought about things like where you’d like to live, bedrooms, bathrooms, a yard, maybe even a garden. Need a shop for your projects? What about a garage? 

Search for the perfect place

As a member with Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union, you have free access to HomeAdvantage®, an easy-to-use service allowing you to search current property listings with various details you can’t live without, as well as:

• Community demographics

• Recent sales in your neighborhood

• School zones

• Local amenities

And more, all from your desktop or mobile device. 

Buying a home is a team sport

Buying a home is a process, one that starts not with an offer on a property but rather with a self-evaluation: Do you know how to save money? Do you have a stable income? Do you have a permanent address? Do you pay your bills on time?

All of these will come into play in your home-buying journey, affecting your credit score and a financial institution’s willingness to give you a mortgage. 

Down payments and emergency savings

Owning a home is also more expensive than just the mortgage payment – you’re responsible for upkeep and maintenance, and those costs can add up quickly. An emergency fund is a great way to keep some of that stress out of your life.

Your emergency fund should have 3 to 6 months’ worth of living expenses, so if something breaks down or your income changes, you’ll know you have the cash to float yourself for a while.

Financial stability is a lifetime process, but it can start for you as easily as applying for any of Affinity Plus’ Savings services. Access easy transfers to your savings, earn MyPlus Rewards points, all without paying monthly maintenance fees.

At Affinity Plus, your savings options include: 

WINcentive® Savings

A savings account that rewards saving while also giving you the chance to win cash prizes

Shares II Savings

No minimum balance required and no required terms – this account can be for anything

Stash Your Cash

This program rounds up your debit card purchases to the next dollar and puts the money into a savings account for you